POLAR is the result of Ensemble Amorpha's most recent collaboration with circus performers and contemporary dancers. It fuses music composed by Luke Styles for double bass and electronics with an exploration of theatrical space on wires hanging from the roof and through the physical virtuosity of contemporary circus.

POLAR has been developed by Iisa Ilona Jäntti, Natalie Reckert and Luke Styles and performed at Shunt (London) 26th and 27th March 2010 and at Jacksons Lane Theatre (London) 16th and 17th April 2010.
POLAR is to be extended for a tour of Scotland in 2012 which will see the work musically expand to include cello and percussion. See a trailer of the show below.

"...the company have picked to represent an Arctic landscape, one that can either endlessly preserve or immediately erase the traces of those that visit it..." www.sideshow-cirusmagazine.com
"...shattering the fourth wall by appearing above and beside the audience, from every aspect the venue allowed. Cold, industrial-looking streams and sheets of wire mesh were suspended above and laid across the stage and the performers' interaction with this unforgiving material formed the theme of Polar." Sophie A.R. London http://totaltheatre.org.uk/Reviews/
"Polar is devised around wire and metal props and apparatus, steel grids and rolls of wire that even when forcibly manipulated retain the memory of their original shape."www.sideshow-cirusmagazine.com